Jessica Osei

Enjoyment Specialist

Here, you can enter a brief synopsis about who you are, what you do/excel in. In this case, Jessica believes that the ultimate self-care activity is enjoyment, so she loves to travel, go to various restaurants and talk about her experiences. 

Painting is the stress-reliever I didn’t know I needed

Who says enjoyment can’t be done at home?

Palm Resorts welcomes me to Hawaii

Potlucks aren’t just for holidays. Let’s enjoy!

Don't just watch me... Let's go!

Enjoyment doesn’t always have to be done alone. Let’s go on a group trip!

This summer, I’m hosting my annual Summer Getaway in Ghana, West Africa! We’re going to have loads of fun, all while learning about the rich culture they have.

Life moves at 1000mph… I’ve got you!

Don't have time to read the blog? Catch my podcast instead!

No shade, I still need you to like and comment on my blog posts (wink wink), but I do understand that life has us all on the go. Catch my podcast as I dive deep into my various excursions.

Live your life on your own terms

Don’t just live life. Enjoy it! Let me show you how!

I can’t live this free life all by myself! Once I realized how free I could be while still enjoying an income, I’ve wanted to share these gems with all of you. Don’t live in misery any longer!

Let’s go for a ride!

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